Are You Choosing to Grow?

Today is promotion Sunday at our church. A day to gather our church community after a summer of well, summer schedules, and somewhat bring us all back to a every week to church alignment.  It’s a fun Sunday in that we introduce the children to their age group’s teachers and admire just how they’ve grown. […]

Do You Autorespond to Life?

Awareness, preparation and expectations set the stage for our daily experience.  As a strategist and educator I have found this statement true for every area of my life whether I am working with a multi-million start up team, a local inner city school, with my children as a mom, and most of all as a […]


Our every day lives are ever present, but every now and then we are allowed a visit, a window, to the places we were raised.  At times these journeys are mental, where we remember smells, people, or places that remind us of a distant memory.  Every now and then we get to touch a loved […]

Sunday Mornings…

Mornings are like waking up in a fairyland for me on days there are no schedules.  Typically my mornings are very  scheduled, though I am beginning to see that if I am the scheduler, then perhaps a more enjoyable one could be enjoyed….or allowed as my mind so often goes to. (there are rules aren’t […]